On courses & workshops

Deans of Computer Science leadership/personal development workshop, 2018: “Thanks for a highly inspirative and informational session today.“

“Thank you for the brilliant presentation.” “I have enjoyed very much your presentation today. It was extremely useful for me.”

“It is very good, wish I had something like this before – lesson learnt” we have to learn how to say yes to the important things; every yes entails a no; self compassion; emotional social intelligence (emotions as data)” [LJ]

Early career development workshop at Monash University, 2018: “It was great meeting you at the workshop on Friday. I particularly appreciated the discussion around using non typically academic values as strengths and not letting strengths become weaknesses.”

“I attended the Monash ECR workshop last Friday & was also in the room at Caulfield for your seminar yesterday. I enjoyed both very much - the workshop far more so than I was expecting - thankyou for being so open and sharing your thoughts and expertise in these contexts.”

“Many thanks for the workshop last Friday. It was such an effective workshop for me specifically. I have spent all the weekend reflecting on the points that you/others mentioned. I learnt lots of good tips and I have already started applying some of them in my work since Monday. Thanks Geraldine, you are great!” 

“Thank you for the inspiring workshop and talk!”

PhD Workshop, Melbourne, 2018: “Thanks for organising and delivering the PhD workshop today. It was very much needed; I learnt many new things about myself, other PhD students, and research life in general.

Early Career Development workshop at CHI2018: “a true inspiration for the career path I'm starting.”, “the un-conference style setup was nice so we could discuss things actually important to us”;

What was most valuable?: “Meeting others who are in similar situations, going through similar struggles or experiences”, “Hearing about mentor's experiences not in a 'let me tell you what you should do' way, but in a more honest and open way.”; Key takeaways?: “That a research career doesn't have one true path, or one right way, but changes and moves over time. It was really great to hear from the mentors about the many different ways they found success in their research career.”, “I really appreciate my current situation. I am doing many things right. I have now more ideas on what to do differently.”

On coaching

“I have been meaning to write for quite some time to thank you for my coaching session. I really appreciated having someone impartial to talk to about the various possible futures, and in talking to you, you helped me become much clearer about what the problems are here and why I need to move on. The questions you asked me helped me to think through the opportunity from different perspectives and to really understand what I need from work, and what my priorities are. I really appreciate that you are so supporting of me, and ready to give me feedback and help.  It is just so invaluable, and I really thank you for making the time. “ [M, lecturer, UK]

“The pacing of the meetings was well thought of. While in the initial phases it helped to have more frequent meetings, as I gained confidence, the lesser frequency helped me to feel confident enough to make my own changes. The focus on what I want as an academic and researcher was very well maintained. There was no push to influence an agenda, leaving time and space for me to contemplate on what I want.” [B, lecturer, India]

On the podcasts

“Truly inspiring”

“This is so promising, interesting, and needed. Looking forward to future episodes. Thanks so much.” [MK]

“Thanks for starting this, it¹s such an important thing to do for us all! [LC]

“Your podcast made my day/night”

“They are great podcasts and very informative, both for us ‘grey hairs’ who find it interesting to hear other people’s perspectives, and even more so for the new folks.” [SG - emeritus professor]

“I’ve recently started as an assistant professor at the University of XX, and have been looking all around for advice and came across your podcast- I’ve really been enjoying listening to it. I especially appreciate that you and your guests have a perspective that includes life outside work- and how it often informs or complements the work one does! “[AL]

“I found that we are often biased to hearing more from people who either sacrificed work-life balance or somehow pulled off both being at a top university and living normal life, so I appreciated that in the podcast some researchers acknowledge the tradeoffs and talk about making different choices to be able to achieve other life goals.” [OA]

“Thank you so much for doing this series. I loved Kia Höök's message that if you're looking after yourself (exercising, getting enough rest and sleep) just so that you can keep working hard, that's missing the point!” [RR]

“It is good to raise awareness for the struggles of being a mom and researcher, and possibly being good at both. What makes me a little sad though, is that there seems no time for oneself. Of course, as moms, we want to be there for our babies, but then after they go to bed, we go back to the desk. When is the time to relax, spend time with your husband, your dog, your hobbies? Also cultural aspects would be interesting to discuss, like going back to work while most other mums around you are on 1-3-year parental leave.” [AH]

“One friend's wife is in academia and he asked me about the facebook group. He’s also been listening to all your podcasts trying to understand academic culture and be a supportive husband. How wonderful it is” [YC]

“Judy is so great -- sums up all of my concerns about academics so well. I really like how she reminds us that we create this culture for ourselves.”

“I really got inspired by the thoughts of Judy Olson and all of her working experience. People like these are a true source of motivation for others and show a positive way to people to spend their life in a well mannered-way.”

“During our school meeting, two staff members came to me to say thanks and tell me that they like the Changing Academic Life website. One (a lecturer) said "it is good to learn from others", the other (A/Prof and director for Engineering teaching and learning) said "it is good to know that they are facing similar issues as we have”.” [YZ]

“Jon's talk and his strategies are very inspiring and makes me feel better - I am not the only one who moves from one field to another.  Judy is also not afraid to make changes.   I just need to do better and get stronger.”  [YZ]

“I just wanted to say thanks for starting this podcast series. It's just what I need right now, and I'm sure many other early career academics will find it a lifeline when it all feels like too much of an uphill struggle! I just finished listening to the first one with Carl, and am looking forward to the next! Hope all is well.” [KH]