ACM Distinguished Speaker, International keynote speaker on a range of topics


Keynotes & talks

Note: Keynote and invited talks may also be supported as part of the ACM Distinguished Speaker program - applications can be made via the ACM DSP page here.


Panels & chairing panels

Chairing a panel as part of the TU Wien 2016 Smart Cities Summer School (with Harvey Molotch & Marcus Foth among others).

Some recent keynotes & talks

Dean’s Workshop - Leadership development, at ECSS 2018, Gothenburg

ACM DSP Keynote IndiaHCI 2018

ACM DSP Keynote SIGUCCS2018, Orlando: ‘A short history of human computer interaction: a people-centred perspective’

ACM DSP Keynote: VL/HCC2018, Lisbon: ‘Mind the gap: modelling the human in human centric computing’

Keynote CHI UX Indonesia 2018: ‘Designing for intelligence - intelligence for designing’ (see tweets)

Dean’s Seminar Series, Monash University, 2018, Melbourne: ‘Wielding power responsibly: sensitivities for designing new technologies’

ACM DSP Keynote ISS2017, Brighton UK: ‘Understanding interactive surfaces and spaces in everyday life’

Keynote SBSC2016, Brazil: ‘Technology support for learning social-emotional skills for interaction - the building blocks of CSCW’