Professional Development - workshops, consulting, training

Based on up-to-date scientific evidence, I offer a range of professional growth and development services to academic leaders, early and mid-level career academics, and PhD students, helping people craft their version of a good professional life, empowering positive choices, developing transpersonal leadership skills, and growing collaborative compassionate and productive workplace cultures.

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Workshops & Training courses

Drawing on the science of human flourishing to help empower people craft their good (academic) life.

Workshops and courses can be tailored to particular needs (see topics below) or to a particular group e.g., academic leaders, future leaders, early- or mid-career academics, or PhD students. More comprehensive tailored programs can also be offered spanning multiple topics.

Topics include: Becoming a leader, being a leader; Building a culture of care & excellence; Bringing a coaching mindset to supervision & management; Career development; Crafting your good academic life; Working with strengths; Work-life integration; Saying yes wisely and strategically; Resilience & well-being at work; Team development; Women in academia; Mindfulness.

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Creating safe constructive fun environments for connection and collaboration.

As a trained facilitator in working with groups, I can support facilitating panels, workshops, faculty/group retreats, project kick-off meetings and so on. These can be more or less structured depending on the group, but always driven by the needs of the group.

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Coaching & Mentoring

Your space, your agenda … creating clarity, commitment, change for a great life

Coaching is about helping you access your own resources to connect with what is important to you, and to understand your values and strengths so that you can craft your good life, supporting you as you take the steps to make change happen. Sessions can be in person of via skype or similar.

I bring experience, having trained as a coach (executive, personal, professional) in 2008 and working with clients in diverse contexts and countries since then, and I bring the science-base with a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Practice. I offer one-on-one or small group coaching.

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Generating insights and delivering programs unique to your needs

Bringing together experiences working in leadership roles in diverse sectors, doing needs analyses as a User Experience Consultant with private and public sector organisations, conducting in-depth research studies using mixed methods, and the insights from positive psychology/coaching, I can work with you to capture a snapshot of your current environment, generating key insights and identifying where interventions can deliver most value. I can then create and deliver focussed programs based on evidence-based research… which shows again and again that small positive actions, appropriately targeted, can have big impacts on departmental/group culture, well-being and productivity.