Courses / Workshops

The following are examples of topics that can be covered in interactive workshop/course format e.g., as part of conferences or for individual institutions. Tailored workshops can also be offered. 

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Bringing a coaching mindset to supervision and management

Training to be a supervisor or manager is rarely part of the PhD process and the responsibility of these roles can feel stressful. This course provides practical conversational techniques for supervisors and project leads/managers to be more effective in their roles with less work. The technique draws on one of the key principles of being a coach -the 'simple' skill of learning how to stop giving advice as a first response and instead to ask good questions. The key benefit for the supervisor/manager will be less time spent solving other people’s problems, thus significantly lightening the burden that many young academics feel to have ‘the right’ answer. In turn the student/researcher is empowered and helped to think through issues and mobilise their own abilities and expertise, resulting in increased autonomy and development. 


Reflect, Re-claim, Reconnect: Learning to say yes wisely and strategically

Academics often report becoming increasingly overwhelmed with work and are often told to learn to say ‘no’ more often. In this course, we’ll put the emphasis on learning to say ‘yes’ to what is important, which then provides the basis for learning to say ‘no’ with purpose. It is about taking control and making proactive choices wisely and strategically instead of reactively and randomly.


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New workshop