Reflections to kickstart the new year!


This is a very short reflection [07:55 mins] from me on 2016 and the wonderful diverse stories we have heard. And looking forward to 2017 as we continue to explore together how to create a better academic life.

I would also love to hear your feedback on the podcasts so far and your ideas for what and who you want to hear about in future podcasts:

            Email: gerifitz at  or Twitter: @ChangeAcadLife

Wishing all of us a balanced, authentic, vibrant, joy-filled academic life for 2017, whatever that may mean for each of us!

Contributions via Twitter to end of year reflections - thanks! 

  • [marta] overall learning about career paths, hearing how everyone goes thru hard times and how they come out of it + practical tips

  • [anna] that there's no one-way to be successful in academia. Every podcast has told a different story

  • [anna] the power of personal stories. I feel like I know all of these people now even if we've yet to meet.

  • [ari] The resounding wish of everyone to see more empathy in academia for everyone's struggles, choices, and circumstances.

  • [jenny] I am loving the @ChangeAcadLife podcasis. So many interesting stories and valuable lessons to learn.